First, I’m a husband and father. A focus on family is the driving force behind my approach to life. This has allowed me to focus my work life on finding awesome clients who have similar values.

In my life whether it’s been as a web designer, art director, creative director, illustrator or photographer, it has been my goal to find balance. To me, an effective marketing piece is far more important than getting the chance to explore that illustration technique I’ve been itching to try. I suppose that results-driven approach is what led me to direct marketing. I’ve stayed with that precise discipline for about ten years now. And I’ve been lucky to work on countless award-winning projects along the way. See some of my designs here>

Like it did for many, photography began as a hobby for me. I’ve enjoyed working on a variety of projects and always look to learn something new each time I take the camera out of the bag. See some of my photography here>